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May 31, 2018

When Sherry Sims created a LinkedIn group to connect black women seeking and offering career advice, she never thought her idea would turn into a business.

Sherry Sims has more than 14 years of experience in Human Resources and specializing in Talent Acquisition. Sims saw that there was a lack of access for professional black women when it came to peer support and mentoring in her own career, so she set out to create the Black Career Women’s Network as a LinkedIn group.

sherry sims

Sims took her LinkedIn group and turned it into a national organization, the Black Career Women’s Network.

The organization is dedicated to helping women overcome challenges in the workplace and progress in their careers by providing the tools and resources they need to do just that.

The organization founded and run by Sims is unique in that it specifically bridges the gap of support that minority women encounter in the workplace when it comes to professional development, mentor access and leadership training.

In this podcast you'll learn: 

1.  Top challenges for women in the workplace

2.  Best steps women should take for career growth

3.  Best ways to navigate politics at the workplace or in career

4. How balance career and life

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