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Ignite 2 Impact Podcast - Raise up and Inspire the Next Generation of Leaders

Ignite 2 Impact is a podcast that involves great conversations, discussions that matter so that we can get it together and keep in together. 

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May 31, 2018

When Sherry Sims created a LinkedIn group to connect black women seeking and offering career advice, she never thought her idea would turn into a business.

Sherry Sims has more than 14 years of experience in Human Resources and specializing in Talent Acquisition. Sims saw that there was a lack of access for professional...

May 22, 2018

Kumari Williams Experienced certified Talent Acquisition Director with over 15 years. Kumari Williams joined the Executive Board of Perfectly Scarred, Inc. as Vice President in 2017. She has an extensive business operations background having held several director level positions within Human Resources in the public...

May 14, 2018

Mitchell Levy is The AHA Guy at AHAthat ( who empowers thought leaders to share their genius. His superpower of extracting the genius from your head in a two-hour interview so you can then share it with those that need to see it.


He is an accomplished Entrepreneur who has created twenty businesses...

May 6, 2018

Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie serves as the 117th elected and consecrated bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  Her historic election in the year 2000 represents the first time in the over 213-year history of the A.M.E. Church, a woman had obtained the level of Episcopal office.  

The firsts continued, as...