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Ignite 2 Impact Podcast - Raise up and Inspire the Next Generation of Leaders

Ignite 2 Impact is a podcast that involves great conversations, discussions that matter so that we can get it together and keep in together. 

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Dec 24, 2020

"We learn our belief systems as very little children, and then we move through life creating experiences to match our beliefs. Look back in your own life and notice how often you have gone through the same experience." –Louise L. Hay

Yes, those thoughts, often negative ones that run around in our head. We can let...

Dec 17, 2020

Is it the end of the day and you suddenly realize you haven't done a single thing that really makes you happy? Bottom line- you haven't made yourself a priority.

Dr. Geneva talks with Rashida Williams, well known motivational speaker and beauty expert, about self-care tips and other ideas to find Me time even in...

Dec 3, 2020

Feeling mentally and physically drained or uninspired especially when times are tough? 

Dr. Geneva talks with Dr. Portia Lockett to find answers and tips on how to inspire yourself, find happiness and help others in spite of difficulties. This conversation will inspire YOU to create extraordinary impact in your...

Nov 26, 2020

Do you worry about what to do next in your especially when times get tough?

Listen to some great advice and tips about making the right moves even in the face of adversity in this conversation with Dr. Geneva and special guest Kim Boudreau Smith.

Throughout a decades-spanning career, crossing...

Nov 19, 2020

Do you know some of the best ways to take care of yourself especially during tough times? Are you confused about how to start a self care routine when things are difficult and still make yourself a priority? What are some really great self care ideas that you can do today?

Margaret "Peg" Tallet, renowned nonprofit...