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Aug 21, 2018

Dorinda Walker is an Inspirational Warrior, Survivor Community Activist and Award Winning Corporate Executive, who holds the title of Vice President within Prudential Financial, Inc. Rising above her childhood difficulties, Dorinda Walker has based her career on expanding new business opportunities and financial education among diverse markets. She focuses her efforts on important areas such as targeted marketing, strategic planning, sponsorship event planning, program and relationship management. 

What is most compelling about her corporate position is the path she took to arrive there. This includes being born to heroin-addicted parents, surviving physical abuse, attempting suicide, dropping out of high school and living a dangerous street life as a teenager.

Walker channeled her ‘street smarts’ to rise up the corporate ladder and tell her story to thousands of people every year. Walker’s mission is to inspire individuals who are thrown into dysfunctional circumstances, to face the voices of doubt and fear and still press forward. 

dorinda walker

In her first book “Protected by Purpose” Walker dives into her life story and provides the success secrets that allowed her to transition from a path to prison as a teenager to becoming one of the fastest rising brands in Corporate America. 

Walker has received several distinguished honors and awards for her community and corporate service. Most recently recognized by The Network Journal as one of the 2017 Top 25 Influential Black Women in Business; Corporate Humanitarian of 2017 by The Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation; Trailblazer of the year for advocacy against Domestic Violence by the Greater Hudson Valley Links Association and recognition on as one of the Top Black Leaders and Speakers in the country.

Walker is also an Advisory Board Member for Hispanicize and a Board of Trustees Member for Ironbound Film and Television Studios, and former Board of Trustees member for the Jersey Explorer Children’s Museum.

dorinda walker

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