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Nov 18, 2017

Promoting Confident, Heroic, 

Inspiring, Courageous moms. (

Jessica Byrd Chic Mom

Jessica Byrd, mother of two found her passion as a career mom by starting an organization to interact with young mothers to provide them with the tools, necessities, and environment to better raise their children. Jessica firmly believes in not only engaging our children with a positive social environment, but also providing a network of positive enforcement for young parents - which in result will promote a better society. CHICmom Org's sole purpose is to implement - Confident, Heroic, Inspiring, Courageous mothers. 

When Jessica became a new mommy she was bombarded with tons of decisions to make, as most moms; should I work, should I do daycare, should I breastfeed, the list goes on. Despite having a very strong support group in her family, she noticed that amongst her peers, motherhood was like a secret society. A society of mothers who appeared to have it all figured out, but the reality was we all need help, and more importantly we all need each other.

Jessica noticed that mothers lacked a sense of community and she wanted to solve that problem. What started as a post on Facebook, asking mothers to join her "moms club" has now grown to over sixty mothers in a member oriented organization named CHICmom. 

 As a career mom, Jessica has always given her personal and career growth just as much attention as she's given being a mommy and wife.  Her previous roles in event management, project management, and public relations has allowed her to rise in the ranks in her career path.

Starting as a public relations consultant in Atlanta, GA, and returning to her hometown to then land a positive at The Michigan Chronicle, she’s never given up on her strong aspirations in following her career path in marketing and communications with the desire to start a mentoring coaching business for college students.

Currently Jessica utilizes her communications, event management, and marketing expertise to serve as the Community Relations Specialist for UnitedHealthcare Community Plan. 

Jessica has a niche for community engagement, with a personal goal to living a life on purpose and assisting everyone around her to do the same.

 As a mother of a three and four-year old, life can be very demanding, but she admits to finding strength in CHICmom and strongly believes it was her God-given purpose. Additionally, she knows first hand that being a mother doesn't stop you from growing, in fact you discover a new sense of self discovery.