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Feb 24, 2019

Dr. Priscilla Archangel is a seasoned executive coach, leadership and organizational development consultant, author, speaker and teacher.

She is also the President of the National Association of Women Business Owners - Greater Detroit Chapter.

priscilla archangel

She has held a variety of strategic global human resource executive roles at General Motors over the course of her 30+ year career there, focusing on leadership development, talent management, talent acquisition, coaching, change management, culture change, performance management, organization development and HR operations.


Now, Priscilla’s focus is developing successful leaders, and partnering with them to grow their teams and organizations. She works with leaders in organization of all sizes, across a variety of industries. Her collaboration helps them to uncover and align their unique purpose with their professional roles; identify creative approaches to address organizational challenges; supports them through leadership transitions; and leverages culture and employee engagement to improve business results.


Priscilla also delivers keynote and motivational speeches to business and professional audiences on leadership and organizational development topics. Her articles have been published in Warren Bennis’ Leadership Excellence Magazine, the Association for Training and Development’s Senior Leaders and Executives Blog, other professional periodicals, and on her website.

She is also the author of The Call to Faith Centered Leadership: Transformational Lessons for Leaders in Challenging Times, which is a compilation of 90 brief faith-based leadership development lessons. Priscilla holds a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Development and is a John Maxwell Team certified coach, speaker and teacher.

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