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Oct 21, 2018

Sarita Pittman, known at the "Lady Wealth Builder," wants to change those stats and have more coaches make more many.  

"Coaching is a new way managers can relate with their employees to improve morale, productivity and longevity in the workplace. It's a way managers and entrepreneurs can scale their business without burning out. Anyone wanting to make a transition to a fulfilling and profitable career, coaching is a way to go."

sarita pittman

Pittman is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of the Georgia-based Atiras International Coaching Academy. Pittman is a master at business making Atiras the world's top resource for life coaches being only 14 months old. "I earned my millionth dollar at the age of 27 as salon owner.  Since then, I've started and scaled many business that were six and seven-figure enterprises. Now, I teach others how to do the same because of my passion to educate and give back," said Pittman.

Pittman is a philanthropist and giver from the depths of the soul--an auspicious woman helping entrepreneurs grow their bottom line. "I help those from the bottom-up and not burn people from the top down," she points out. This lady wealth builder is authentic and eager to help others become certified coaches, establish their personal brands and build a purpose-centered business they'll love," says Pittman. 

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