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Sep 1, 2018

Michelle Washington is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Women of More Magazine. Passionate, Professional, Innovative, and Servant Leader are words often used to describe Michelle Washington.

She loves to serve, empower and uplift people where ever she goes. For 10 Years she had the opportunity to serve Bank of America as a Senior Quality Lead in the Fraud department. Her passion for women led her to serve on the leadership committee that facilitated the powerful LEAD for Women program. An affinity group that focused on Leadership, Education, Advocacy, and Career Development.

Her spirit of innovation helped launch and kick off the High Achievers Motivational Academy. An after-school program designed for students K-12 grade that focused on Leadership, Academic Excellence, and Character Development.

Inspiring women and empowering women to their 'MORE' is her legacy. She is the Founder and CEO of Women of More Magazine, LLC. An organization that hosts events, workshops, and conferences that lead women to their 'MORE'.  As the Editor-In-Chief of Woman of More Magazine, she highlights women who are, industry leaders, game changers, community leaders, business owners, and difference makers.

The magazine has been deemed by Harper's Bazaar as one of the rising feminist magazines to read in 2017.  Women of MORE Magazine is currently being seen in 158 countries with 320K in viewership.

michelle washington more magazine

Michelle has been sought out to speak locally as well as across the Country for schools, small businesses, and Women's Leadership Conferences. As a Servant Leader, she takes this same passion to the women's prisons, where they also need to discover and be released to their 'MORE'.

Michelle is the mother of two girls, Michelle Ayana and Dominique Anthia.  She is always the proud grandmother to Madison.


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