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Dec 16, 2018

Kiko Davis is the only female African American bank owner in the United States. 
kiko davis
She is also the trustee of the Donald Davis Living Trust. Kiko’s late husband, Don Davis, was the former chairman and owner of First Independence Bank, the 7th largest African-American controlled bank in the United States, which is still controlled by the Davis family. 
She is also the founder and president of the Don Davis Legacy Foundation, established in 2016 to perpetuate the legacy building efforts and initiatives envisioned and developed by the late, Donald Davis, world renowned music producer turned banking mogul.
Kiko Davis is the Managing Director of Groovesville Productions & Publishing LLC which controls the Grammy Award-winning music catalog of her late husband.
A respected investor, speaker and mentor, Kiko Davis received many accolades and awards for her work. Mrs. Davis, a Detroit native, is also a devoted mother to her two children.

Davis takes pride in her philanthropic efforts and extends her support to great causes and organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History and many other organizations that serve the community. She also served for three years on the Lawrence P. Doss Scholarship Foundation as a nonprofit board member.

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