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Mar 4, 2018

For Elizabeth Mays, founder and president of MCS Multimedia, achieving the hallmark of excellence for customers is perhaps her company’s greatest core founding principle and mission.

Elizabeth Mays

Mays, a millennial, takes great pride in providing the best of services in graphic arts and other media platforms that include digital and offset printing, graphic design, publishing and website design, as well as advertising, public relations, marketing, branding and consulting.

While MCS is coming up on eight years in business, the company is far from being the new kid on the block. MCS is a legacy company of Mays Printing, a pioneering company that began on Detroit’s west side in 1946 by J. Caulton Mays, Elizabeth Mays’ grandfather.

Mays Printing was the city’s first African-American-owned printing company. Elizabeth’s father, James C. Mays, a second-generation printer, was instrumental in helping his father elevate the company, locally and nationally.

As a young girl growing up in Detroit, Elizabeth Mays saw firsthand how a successful printing business should be operated by watching her grandfather and father at work.

A graduate of Western Michigan University, Elizabeth Mays majored in Film, Video & Media Studies and Graphic & Printing Science and was eager to keep the family legacy alive after college. She returned to Detroit with a master plan as an innovative third generation printer.

On the podcast hear: 

  • How legacy effects business
  • Why millennials thrive in business
  • What inspires Mays to give back to the community


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